Ipad Notebook

clipped from www.engadget.com

Don’t act like you haven’t thought about it, every slate device is just begging for the perfect keyboard accessory that can also function as a hard case. Some industrious souls have gotten on the case of building just such a contraption for the iPad, titled it the LapDock, and given it no lesser a goal than to completely obviate the need for laptops. Shh, no need to ruin their halcyonic existence with talk of the added connectivity, functionality, and versatility of laptops, just let it slide. As to the current state of affairs, well, the LapDock looks like a nicely carved wooden case with room for your iPad and Apple Bluetooth keyboard and that’s about it. Not the highest of high-tech implementations, but it’s still at the, ahem, prototype stage. Go after the break to see if it catches your fancy.
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